I adore helping people who are ready to help themselves. Stagnancy in life settles in when we're unconscious about the choices we make. If you're not learning, growing, giving back and taking action in your life, you're dying. Without growth, there is no life. 

If you're ready, I'm ready. 

I'd love to help you.


I picked up yoga at the young, delicate age of 40! It was then that I decided to take care of myself with the same precious loving care that I had always given to my children. One year later, my life has transformed in ways I couldn't have imagined and never would have expected. I learned about myself through my practice, and promptly fell deeply in love with that girl on my mat!  I'm a better mother. A better friend. A better stranger on the street. I'm a better human being. It's never too late to be who you wish to be ... who you might have been. I am living, breathing proof. 


The first, most important relationship you must nurture in your life is the one you have with yourself. When you know who you are (and who you are not), you're able to give the best of yourself to those around you ... your partner, your children, your community, the world. I was in a marriage for 19 years. That marriage has ended, but the relationship remains as we co-parent our children. Though there are limitless ways to love and be loved, relationships must be nurtured and fed in order to grow. Without conscious intention, the relationship suffers. 

I would be delighted to help you create more love in your life.



I've been a mama for 22 years. I believe in giving children the same respect and consideration that I would give any guest in my home. When we can partner with our children, so many of the power struggles fall away. Children, like any other human being, want to be seen and heard. I've had the pleasure of helping families learn new ways of being and loving that support the whole family.






Becoming a mother set me on the path of wanting to know MORE about EVERYTHING! I gave birth at home in the water. I breastfed my babies until they wanted to stop. We eat whole foods and support local and organic whenever possible. I'm careful about reading labels and cleaning without poison. My intention is balance in all areas, including health & wellness. If the decisions you make are informed ones, you're doing something right! Making better choices in life can be daunting if you're just starting out.

I can be your partner as you slowly begin to make changes that will benefit you and your family for the rest of your lives.