judgement or love


Judgement or Love.

Can it really be that simple?

When I witness a stranger doing something I disapprove of, can I find love behind my disapproval?When my partner does something that I would never consider doing, can I look at him through my loving heart?

Where does judgement come from? Does love lurk somewhere just beneath it? Is judgement really love asking to find it's way to our lips, our eyes, our thinking minds?

Perhaps it is. Perhaps judgement comes easier, quicker in the moment.

Perhaps love is begging to be released, but our fear of rejection wins the race and steers the thought.

I want to think about that. If I pause just then, just before I allow judgement to override my heart, and wait for the love to send its message, how might that change my relationships? I know this truth.

Love can win.

I recently judged my partner harshly over a choice he'd made. My judgement came out as a sarcastic (ok, yes ... passive aggressive) comment. It hurt him and he told me so. He met me with love and in that moment, I saw straight into his heart. I noticed that had I paused a moment to let love catch up, I would have never said what I said. Judgement is a quick, feisty thing. It likes to win. Its friends are drama, pain and suffering ... they feed off the other's company.

Love is sweet and gentle. It's comfortable in the silence of it's own beating heart. It has nothing to prove and no race to win.

And it's there, waiting patiently for me to catch up.

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