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by-donation yoga classes in Rapid City




It means you come, you yoga, you pay what you can ($10 suggested) or you give in some other way. We each have gifts to share. What are yours? We'd like to collaborate!



As a collective community, Sōl Yoga aims to provide an environment in which everybody and every BODY feels welcome, supported and encouraged to create a practice that is unique to them and their individual path.


We are experimenting with a new type of business model, one in which our first intent is to serve through sharing what we know and love. Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone in our community had access to the transformative powers of yoga, through classes that foster connection and growth, with a real life teacher? Wouldn’t it be cool if you get to decide what value yoga has in your life and donate accordingly? Wouldn’t it be cool if we could all find that place within us that longs to serve and help others and then bring it to life through real action. The world would be changed.


Our desire it to do our part to make yoga accessible to more people. In an act of radical generosity, we provide classes on a donation-basis to our community. Through this offering, we open the opportunity for anyone who wishes to practice with us, hopefully removing money as an obstacle between our students and their yoga. The donations we collect pay the expenses of our yoga loft. We teach yoga because we want to be of service. Join us in your own act of radical generosity as you drop your donation in to help support our work.

 (to learn more about radical generosity and the gifting economy, WATCH THIS!)




Find our current schedule HERE 


412 Oshkosh Street, Suite 3

Rapid City, SD 57701











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